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Francis Herreshoff lived from 1890 to 1972, and, though not prolific, he designed yachts that will always be considered classics. Beginning his career in the shadow of his famous father, Nathanael G. Herreshoff, he emerged to become a designer who would come close to the perfection of form in yacht design. L. Francis Herreshoff www.

herreshoff. org: Son of Nathaniel Herreshoff who also was a successful, prolific designer and author. Also see L. Francis Herreshoff: Yacht Designer. Mystic Seaport is proud to announce the release of its latest book, L. Francis Herreshoff: Yacht Designer by Roger C. Taylor. The book is the first of two volumes to chronicle the life and work of the most remarkable yacht designer of his time.

L. (Lewis) Francis Herreshoff (November 11, 1890 December 1972), was a boat designer, naval architect, editor and author of books and magazine articles. Early in his career he worked for the Herreshoff Biography of L. Francis Herreshoff. Lewis Francis Herreshoff ( ), the son of Nathanael G. Herreshoff, was a naval architect, editor and A; A Landlubbers Log of His Voyage Around Cape Horn MacMichael, Morton; A Narrative of the Loss of the Royal George Slight, Julian 1841; A New Universal Dictionary of the Marine Falconer, William 1815; A Residence in the Sandwich Islands Stewart, Charles Samuel, 1839; A Residence of Twentyone Years in the Sandwich Islands The primary designs in this book are based on L.

Francis Herreshoff's series of articles in the Rudder magazine of the 1940's and 1950's detailing how to build many of his designs. It was a very popular series, and a considerable number of boats were built according to the plans and instructions L. Francis included. As the founder of International Marine Publishing Company, he published Herreshoffs Sensible Cruising Designs and An L. Francis Herreshoff Reader. Taylor is a professional mariner with unusually wide experience, including a working familiarity with boats built to many of Herreshoffs designs.

HERRESHOFF DESIGNS, INC. The firm of Herreshoff Designs continues the longest continuous yacht design service in America. Dating from the mid 1800s, Captain Nathanael Greene Herreshoff designed the first United States Navy torpedo boats and yachts that defended the Americas Cup six consecutive times.

Nathanael Greene Herreshoff (March 18, 1848 June 2, 1938) was an American naval architect, mechanical engineer, and yacht design innovator. He produced a succession of undefeated America's Cup defenders between. Francis L Herreshoffs Rozinante is one of the famed small cruising yacht designs ever drawn.

But is her lavish praise deserved? Few boats have earned such lavish praise as L Francis Herreshoffs canoe yawl Rozinante; L Francis himself wrote immodestly you will find her a beautiful (The drawingsof the boat's wooden versionappear in the book, Sensible Cruising Designs by L.

Francis Herreshoff, published in 1973 by International Marine Publishing. ) As with any of her comps, the Prudence will satisfy the cruiser's need to explore distant places in relative comfort regardless of weather (short of a gale).

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