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SIGNIF is a C function callable from a SAS program to round a value to a specified number of digits. SIGNIF allows reporting statistics on measurement data limited to the number of significant digits warranted by the accuracy of the original measurements without the limitations imposed by the SAS ROUND function. REFERENCES 1. 2. Sample: Round a numeric variable to three significant digits Use the ABS, LOG10, and INT functions to determine the appropriate power to use in the ROUND function in order to round a numeric variable to three significant digits.

SAS Programming. Register The number needs to be round to 3 significant digits. user defined function or any other solution would be great help for me. Thanks In Advance Best Regards Message 1 of 2 (2, 016 Views) Reply. 0 Likes SPR. Super Contributor. Posts: 366. Re: 3 significant digit rounding of a number If you don't want to know about the function I wrote, you can just skip it.

There are many ways to implement significant digits. Please note that the function sigFig() is a user defined function rather then a SAS data step function.

YOUR RAW DATA; data dat; infile datalines; input A: 10. A Generalized Rounding Alternative Here, k is the number of significant digits, and n is the exponent of the number x. Suppose we try to represent an irrational number such as B with this expression. Our resultant number will correct result when numbers are rounded. SAS does, however, Oct 29, 1997 One of our SAS users needs a formula to round numeric variables to a given number of significant figures.

This cannot be achieved by simply applying the ROUNDfunction. Examples of One, Two, and Three Significant Digits Original Number. 78 1234. 578 0.

One Digit Significant. 00 1000. 000 0. 001 Two Digits Significant. 00 1200. 000 0. 0012 Three Digits Significant. 00 1230. 000 0. Significant digits refer to the digits of a number from left to right starting with the first Computing and Reporting Significant Digits B. M. Horwedel, Oak Ridge National Laboratory' than two or three significant figures to represent values.

An SIGNIF is used like any other SAS macro. Three arguments must be specified. The first argument is About once a month, a customer approaches SAS and asks a question of significance. By" significance"I don't necessarily mean" of great importance"but instead I mean" of how SAS handles large numbers, or floatingpoint values with many significant digits". . In response, we always first ask why they asked. This is not just a ploy to buy Significant Digits and Largest Integer by Length for SAS Variables under Windows specifies the significant digits and largest integer values that can be stored in SAS numeric variables.

sas Displaying Significant Figures in SAS reports& tabulates by Subs Sat, 15 May 2004 03: 22: 56 GMT I have data that are only significant to 3 figures, but are supplied to levels of specious precision. the range can be from 0. 001 to. Standardization of Reporting Digits: Significant Vs. Rounding Vikash Jain, eClinical Solutions, A Division of Eliassen Group, New London, CT order to achieve this objective various SAS methodological techniques are incorporated in our reporting The number 13.

2 is said to have 3 significant figures. The number 13. 20 is said to Numbers in scientific notation consist of the following parts: The base is the number of significant digits, including zero, that a positional numeral system uses to represent the number; in this example, the base is 10.

The mantissa are the digits that define the number's magnitude; in this example, the mantissa is. 1234.

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