Paper jam in dell 924 printer

Mar 26, 2018 i, ve got a dell 924 printer which when i turn it on paper jamming comes up but there is no paper jammed in the printer any ideas Dell 924 Paper Jam I found the solution for a 924 on here.

In all inkjet printers the printer head runs along a metal bar which you can see if you open your printer and look to see where the printer head runs along. Paper jam for 924 all in one printer I have a 924 all in one printer, I use Windows XP, I have had this printer for 5 years and have not had any problems until recently. My paper doesn't feed all the way through to print a job, it states that there is a paper jam, I can't see any paper in the printer, I've looked everywhere.

Re: Inkjet printer 924 paper jam You don't want to use paper that is too cheap or too expensive. Walmarts 3. 89 per ream GP or equiv. works pretty well and is Dell 924 Inkjet Printer False Paper Jam I have a paper jam light on when there is no paper jam.

I tried unplugging& Dell 924 AllinOne InkJet Printer question HAVE A DELL 924 PRINTEER. pAPER IS JAMMED IN INSERTION CHUTE. NEED HELP IN REMOVING JAM. Answered by a verified Technician

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