Best laser printer for image transfer

Print out a mirroredreverse version of your image at the desired size. It helps if your image is darker and more saturated, so the ink transfers more successfully.

You must use a laser printer, which is important because of the tonerbased ink. Inkjet printer ink may bleed too much. Laser Heat Transfer Paper 24 Item(s) Show 9 15 30 45 60 75 90 105 All per page Printers for Transfer Printing, Epson, Ricoh& More! All heat transfer supplies, 1000's of imprintables, 85 heat press models& more!

[Read more: finding the best heat transfer vinyl for Silhouette Cameo What to Look for in Quality Heat Transfer Printers. The best printer for heat transfer paper is generally the one thats designed specifically for these types of projects. Nov 29, 2015  Moral of that story, there are differences and you may not really want a laser printer.

My suggestion is to go to a Best Buy or equivalent computer center that will let you test the printers. Bring a magnifying loop and look at the printed images. In Cleveland, the center I went to even let me make some test prints that I could take A Xerox Phaser (solid ink) printer works even better than a laser due to its waxbased (waterproof) ink deposit.

Unfortunately the printers are quite large (the size of an OLD laser printer) and expensive (generally 650 or more). A set of the solid ink blocks lasts a long time, but is normally over 100. Jun 03, 2012 Laser print image transfers are an easytomake home decoration, and make great gifts. For this project I used: Xylol Plywood or 2x6 Masking Tape Rubber Gloves Color laser prints.

Paper Towel. Image transfer magic lets make some today! Hey, Graphics Fairy readers, its Heather from Thicketworks with my breakdown of three different image transfer results with one versatile transfer medium.

If you havent heard of 1Gel, its a transfer and decoupage medium, all in one. Hi Teri, It depends on the transfer method you are using.

Each one has its own requirements, many do work best with laser, but you can do nice Iron on Transfers with this printer, or print directly onto fabric beautifully, or you can use a product like 1Gel. Please see my Transfer Methods post (at the top of my blog) for more info about Amazon.

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