Devices and printers very slow to load

Devices and Printers Lag and Slow to Open in Windows 10 July 13, 2016 March 23, 2018 Raza Ali Kazmi Windows, Windows 10 A Waiting five minutes for a printer icon is the teensiest bit frustrating.

Some people never find an answer. The most frequent solution involves Bluetooth settings, for some reason. If Devices and Printers opens slowly and you want to tinker, go to Windows 10 Settings Devices Bluetooth and try turning Bluetooth off.

If its off, turn it on. How can the answer be improved? Jun 17, 2016 I noticed from day 1 that" Devices and Printers" is just a little slow like it's checking if the printer or what devices u may have is available or not sometimes at work with my laptop if there is a printer that's not really working greatly (yeh we have that) my laptop can take an age to find anything.

If the printers are network connected (very common), Devices and Printers will take a long time to load. This happens because Devices and Printers is looking for current printer information. It takes time. May 19, 2013  Devices and Printers slow to open in Server 2008 R2.

When the Devices and Printers are opened it can take anywhere from seconds for the window to populate. It does the same thing in applications. If this were Windows 7 I would just turn on Bluetooth (which seems to be the universal answer) But, this is server Mar 16, 2017 This slow opening of Printers and Devices appears to be a real issue that is very hard to solve.

I have this problem on four user computers and my own. The users have laptops and one allinone (with laptop cpu). May 19, 2013  Solution to 'Devices And Printers' window opening slowly or not at all.

Very easy but permanent fix. Please watch my new video Jan 16, 2017 Hi Experts. i am facing a strange issue and would love a fresh perspective. in our active directory, on windows 10 laptops (lenovo) it takes forever to load the" devices and printers" window whereas on windows 7 laptops it take the usual amount of time, a few seconds.

Sep 02, 2016 Devices and printers take forever to load after the anniversary update. I'm thinking it's a MS bug and it will be patched soon! I'm thinking it's a MS bug and it will be patched soon! Every thing else is working just fine at the moment. Apr 07, 2016 When I go to Control Panel Devices& Printers, it takes a good 20 seconds for the progress bar to move across the window and the Devices& Printers window to open.

How long does it take everyone else here? Is this normal? Looking at your specs could be your hard drive, which is slow, not windows I'm having an unusual problem with Windows 10 where the Devices and Printers dialog shows the green progress bar for almost 5 minutes before loading.

When it does load, it is almost unusable with l Aug 04, 2015  Devices and printer slow to load just like my title says my devices and printers is just slow to load pretty much have the same things installed as my desktop which still is in 7 and it instantly loads up.

laptop was the same way when it was in 7 now in 10 it just take like minutes to load up. any one else encounter this, possible have a Mar 13, 2014 devices and Printers window loads real slow in windows 8. 1 and loads fast in windows 7 both are on the same computer as a dual boot system

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