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Oct 29, 2009  Using the command line to unpauseenable printers in Leopard. October 29, This means I have to go around to each computer and enter admin credentials to unpause them. This is a giant waste of time, so I want to use the command line or a script to unpauseenable them.

They will unpauseenable the printer so that users Jun 10, 2015  Home FileVault 2, Mac administration, Mac OS X Yosemites paused encryption problem fixed in Yosemites paused encryption problem fixed in.

June 10, Open Terminal 4. Run the following command to get the disk identifier for the boot drive: Oct 10, 2014  Mac OSX: Printer Paused, Guest User Cant Resume It This was a fun one to fix, a client has four iMacs all using one network printer. For some reason the printer got paused and the Guest user they were logged in as couldnt resume the printer. Apr 30, 2018  How to Un Pause an Application (Mac OS X).

If your Mac runs out of start up disk space, it pauses applications so that it can still run. You need Terminal. app to unpause. Make sure your computer is available on local network, SSH to it (you can use your usual username as login) and enter the command lines starting with Terminal Mac troubleshooting: What to do when you can't print More like this. The printer primer. The printing primer. Fix printer queue glitches If Automatically pause print jobs on server 2008r2. Ask Question. up vote 1 Its only function these days is to pause the jobs coming into a printer so users have to walk up to a station and ask them to send the job through (thus catching the accidental 80 page print jobs).

the printers on the print server and give this person access to the I would also enable nonadmin users to unpause printers on the Mac side (I do this and allow them to set the DVD region). I generally add the printers directly as I've had more issues on a Mac when using a Windows print server. Print admin group membership for all. Posted: I would install the OSX Server tools and then use it to add all domain users \ an AD group \ to the local printer admin group on a bound machine.

do all the other prep and make an image of it all. When the image was applied and the target Mac rebound to AD the Print Admin group was happily Mar 29, 2011 In our higher education Mac computer lab, a printer may become paused (I am not sure why).

But this requires an administrator password to unpause the These options are determined by your printer and the app you're printing from. For example, options such as printing in black and white, twosided printing, and printing to different paper sizes or media types all vary by printer and app. Click Show Details for more options, or Hide Details for fewer options.

I have printer in CUPS that due to driver problems (HP 1010) from time to time goes into pause. I would like to write a shell script that will execute once per hour to resume a printer in CUPS. B Mac OS X Is there a command to unpause a printer in Mac OSX. 5? I'm looking for a command that I can send via ARD or in a script that will unpause the printers on iMacs running Leopard.

To my knowledge, there is no command via terminal to unpause a printer (therefore no way through ard's command line). However, if you look here:

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