How to connect samsung printer to pc

Click on your Samsung network printer's icon and click" Next. " Click" Finish. " Your computer is now connected to your Samsung network printer. When Samsung GalaxyNote is successfully connected to the computer, you can easily transfer data in between Android and PC with oneclick.

Contacts, messages, photos, videos, audios and more can be easily exported to PC or added in Android. Samsung Easy Printer Manager combines device settings as well as configuring print environments and launching. All of these features provide a gateway to conveniently use your Samsung machine. For Windows: Start Programs or All Programs Samsung Printers Samsung Easy Printer Manager Samsung Easy Printer Manager.

Device Name: Enter the printers name for searching for your printer on a wireless network. By default, the device name is the model name.

IP Address: Enter the IP address of the printer. This IP address is used only for the local network and not for the infrastructure wired or wireless network. Connect the printer cable from the back of the Samsung printer to your computer. Place the square end of the USB cable in the back of the printer and the flat end into a free USB port on your computer. Click Samsung Printers, and start Samsung Easy Document Creator.

Click Scan from the home screen. Select the type of scanning or a favorites then click Start. Make adjustments to the image (Scan Settings and More Options). Click Scan to scan a final image or Prescan to get another preview image.

Select to Save to Location, Send to Jan 30, 2011 Connect the printer (wired) to the routed Using the Install CD, Start the install as Networked and for my Dell Printer, there was an 2nd option of Local vs Remote choose Local.

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