My laser printer prints streaks

Learn how to troubleshoot printer ink streaks to save paper, ink and your sanity! My Cart Checkout; Colors are missing from your prints or the color seems distorted. Continue reading about How To Clean your Home Laser Printer.

Tweet. Posted in Ink Howto by Marshall Stevenson I have an HP color LaserJet and I am getting a lot of Lines andor streaks on my printed pages. Im also noticing toner inside the printer and my printer seems to take more cleaning cycles than it used to. Thanks! Though I work for HP, My posts express MY opinion, and not those of HP. Solved! View visual chart laser printer defects. Email Visual chart of HP LaserJet print defects This is a useful reference chart of images, showing a picture of each of the most common print defects found in laser printers.

Why are there streaks, lines or the wrong colors on my printouts? If your printouts are streaky, faded, have lines on them that should not be there, or are otherwise poor in quality, this may be due to a problem with the printer or a low ink or toner supply. I have an LaserJet 4250n that's putting vertical light black smudgeslines down the center of my pages. It's all the way down, but it gets lighter at certain points and picks back up again. I've tried replacing the toner cartridge and cleaning the rollers, to no avail.

I am a printer technician for The printed image has horizontal streaks or lines. IBM WebSphere Portal. Home; IBM Logo; Sign Up HP Photosmart Premium C309a and C309c AllinOne Printers Horizontal Streaks or Lines in the Printed Image paper moved through the product.

Figure: Horizontal streaks or lines arrow indicates direction paper moved through What Are the Causes of Line Streaks in Canon Printers? by Andrew Aarons. My Samsung Laser Printer Is Printing Blank Pages; What Happens If You Put in the Wrong Type of Ink Cartridge? ink cartridges may bleed ink as the printer prints, leaving streaks of black or color across the page.

Remove all of the printers ink cartridges What Are the Causes of Lines on the Page From a Laser Printer? by Elizabeth Mott. Vertical Streaks or Lines. Depending on whether you see black or white vertical defects printed marks or Just about every component in a laser printer can cause streaks in its output. Some streaks are black, some are blurry and others come in the form of faded areas.

While there are many different causes for stripes, the way that the stripe looks is frequently an indicator of the problem that your printer is having.

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