Awk print number of columns in line

You need to use the NF (number of fields) variable to control the actions, such as in the following transcript: echo '0333 foo bar qux' awk 'NF2print' 0333 foo qux This will print the line if the number of How to print all the columns after a particular number using awk? It chops what is before the given field number N, and prints all the rest of the line, including field number N and maintaining the original spacing (it does not reformat). I have a file that contains a number of fields separated by tab.

I am trying to print all columns except the first one but want to print them all in only one column with AWK. The format of the file is determining column number using string in awk.

Ask Question. up vote 4 down vote favorite. 2. It feels a little bit clumsy but I always find the column numbers using the following line of code: head 1 file sed 'sdelimiter\ng' nl awk help for printing from a particular column till the end. 0. Using awk to extract lines in a text file It is better known for its columnfield manipulation capabilities in a text file.

More obvious choices are cat somefile. txt Line 1 Line 2 Line 3 Line 4 To print a single line number, say line 2: awk 'NR2' somefile. txt Line 2 If the text file is huge, you can cheat by exiting the program Number of fields returned by awk. Ask Question. up vote 16 down vote favorite. 4. Is there a way to get awk to return the number of fields that met a fieldseparator criteria? Say, for instance, my file contains Using awk to print all columns from the nth to the last.

136. AWK multiple delimiter. 31. The awk is a powerful Linux command line tool, that can process the input data as columns. In the following note i will show how to print columns by numbers first, second, last, multiple columns etc. Sep 01, 2006 I'm trying to print the line number of a comma delimited file where the second field in the line is blank using AWK. Here is the code I have so far where am I going wrong. It is the last column in the file.

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