Future jobs in 3d printing

From 3Dprinted shoes to 3Dprinted clothes and accessories, 3D printing is the fashion of the future. Just as the 3D printing industry will require more product designers and CAD modelers, jobs will also open up for forwardthinking R& D professionals who understand the intersection of tech and consumer products while keeping an eye on the bottom line. Jan 17, 2016  The Future of Jobs. in previously disjointed fields such as artificial intelligence and machinelearning, robotics, nanotechnology, 3D printing, and genetics and biotechnology, will cause widespread disruption not only to business models but also to labour markets over the next five years, with enormous change predicted in the Jan 15, 2014 3D printers are extensively used in manufacturing.

However, so far, their use has been limited and restricted to specific processes. What will a future 3D printing manufacturing ecosystem look like? Oct 06, 2017 The rise of 3D printing technology, also known as additive manufacturing, has opened up a whole new world of career opportunities.

Meet Tracy Albers, the president and chief technology officer at There are a lot of careers that can directly or indirectly affect the field of 3D printing, or that 3D printing can affect. Starting out in our study, we were quickly able to see the potential for job creation in the 3D printing industry; with an especially strong demand for specialized and technical profiles.

These profiles included industrial and mechanical engineers, as well as software developers that are dedicated only to 3D printing. 3D printing is the next big thing for design and modeling.

If you're considering a career, make sure you have the right degree for the job. 3D Systems is an integrated, leading global provider of 3D printing solutions, offering cutting edge technologies and materials for 3D printing, rapid prototyping and direct manufacturing. Our vision and products are transforming the way the world designs, develops and manufactures.

8 thoughts on How 3D Printing Can Affect the Future Job Market Mitchell Scott Ross on November 15, 2015 at 9: 57 pm said: Very interesting article and topic. 3D printing seems to be one of the most talked about technological advances nowadays and I believe with great reason. As the 3D printing use in the construction industry is in its initial stages, it is still early to disclose the future situation.

But, it certainly is exciting to watch the change and imagine the future possibilities. If so, your future may be bright in the burgeoning 3D printing and additive manufacturing industry. The consumer market for 3D printers is growing at a staggering rate of 100 percent, and as curiosity and innovation in this area Cool Jobs: 3D Printing& Future Careers in Health Care As the healthcare industry progresses and changes with culture, laws, we find that technology can be incorporated to help advance the medical field and healthcare industry even further into the future.

Although 3D printing is a very specialised area of expertise, said Mirpourian, anyone with an interest in this space could land themselves a job, as there are opportunities for people almost any field. Future of 3D Printing in India. Nikhil is optimistic about the future of 3D printing in India when he says, 3D printing in India is an exciting prospect as it is completely virgin and the most exciting use cases of 3D printing in a rural or

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